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“My Tree Is Out Of Control!”

A Niwaki customer gave our arborist a call and said their maple tree was growing way too large for its space. The tree provides great shade from the setting sun, but if left alone, will overgrow the space and need removal.

A trench has been made around the flare of the tree and is ready for the tree growth regulator application.

Niwaki has the solution to this common problem. We can treat the tree with a tree growth regulator and slow the tree’s growth up to 70% its normal growth rate. This treatment is very affordable and only needs to be performed every three years. If

Tree growth regulator solution is evenly applied within the trench and will be drawn into the tree through normal respiration.

you have a tree or large shrub that is getting out of hand call Niwaki at 704-980-9516. Our ISA Certified Arborists will evaluate your tree to see if its a good candidate for this service.


Rotting Root Flare of Old Oak Tree

Niwaki was asked to visit a property in Davidson NC today to review the condition of several aging oak trees. During our inspection we found fungal conks growing at the base of this large oak. This fungus indicates that the tree’s base is beginning to decay.  This tree has experienced prolonged stress, possibly from drought conditions, canker worm damage, or other urban invaders. Due to the size of the tree and its close proximity to the house, Niwaki suggests to remove the tree as soon as possible. Niwaki Tree and Shrub care has ISA certified arborists on staff to diagnose the health of your trees. If you find mushrooms or fungal growth growing around the base of your trees, call Niwaki today at 704-980-9516.