Niwaki Specializes in Boxwood Healthcare

Did you know that boxwood healthcare is a one of our special services at Niwaki? Well actually, our boxwood story goes back over 100 years. The owners of Niwaki are second generation boxwood specialists. Our family began its roots in the foothills of Virginia. The English boxwood mecca of the South. The images below are English boxwood plants that are over 100 years old. They surround a home very near our home place in Amhearst Virginia.  Our father propagated cuttings from boxwood plants at our home place 60 years ago. These 60 year old plants can now be found surrounding our homes in the Charlotte Metro area. Niwaki has many clients in Charlotte that rely on our knowledge of boxwood shrubs to keep them healthy and insect free. Call Niwaki at 704-980-9516 today to find out how we can keep your boxwood plants as healthy and strong as these 100 year old shrubs .


100 year old English boxwood hedge in Amhearst Virginia