Our Commitment


Our mission is to provide quality workmanship and unprecedented customer service in every job we perform.

Niwaki offers ISA Certified Arborists created Plant Health Care (PHC) programs to maintain or improve your tree and shrub appearance, vitality, and — in the case of trees — safety, using the most cost-effective and environmentally sensitive practices and treatments available. Plant Health Care involves routine monitoring, preventive treatment, and a strong working relationship between our arborist and you.

Through bi-annual monitoring and inspection, our arborist can uncover weaknesses in your trees, and recommend treatments to promote better health and a longer life. Don’t jeopardize the heath of a valuable asset, your trees.. Call a Niwaki Tree And Shrub Care specialist today to how our certified arborists can monitor and care for your trees and shrubs. Call 803-366-3296 today to keep your trees healthy and safe for many years to come.